Business Continuity Workshop

Wed, 17 Feb 07:00PM
Fahad Al-Failakawi
At Sirdab Lab get directions

The expected output of the workshop includes the following:

- Defining Business Continuity Management

- Familiarising with types and impacts of business disruptions/emergencies

- Risk Management and BC relation

- Business Continuity Vs Return on Investment & Insurance

- Understanding the Business Continuity Management Process

- Defining the role of Crisis Management within the context of BC

- Introducing the new concept ā€œOrganisational Resilienceā€

The workshop will be led by Fahad Al-Failakawi (Certified Emergency Management Sp. (NASP-2014)), He is a mechanical engineer and strategic planner and has been actively engaged in the field of emergency planning and business continuity for more than five years at the Kuwait Oil Company.



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