How to Build a Product People Love In partnership with KPMG

Sat, 1 Aug 05:00PM
Mona Al-Mukhaizeem & Haider Al-Mosawi
At KPMG, 25th Floor, Al Hamra Tower get directions

Have an idea for a business but don’t know how to start working on it? This 3-day hands-on workshop will give you a head start by first understanding your customers and focusing on creating a product that successfully meets their needs. It will walk you step-by-step through the hard work that business founders must do to prove out their ideas and launch a successful product.

The workshop will focus on tech startups but can apply to anyone wanting to create a product. It will be a combination of live learning, videos from Udemy, case studies, and class discussions.

Attendees will learn about and apply the Business Model Canvas and the 7 Steps to Creating a Successful Product:

  1. Envision your customer
  2. Conduct quality interviews
  3. Learn from your customer development
  4. Capture value proposition
  5. Focus on your minimum viable product
  6. Deliver actionable metrics
  7. Prepare for pivots

Supplementary handouts will provided, namely: The Business Model Canvas, Customer-Interview template, and a quick reference deck.

Attendees must come with an open mind, prepared with a product idea that they want to test.

Limited seats. Members and students get a 10% discount.



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